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What is Synthony?

Synthony is your personal music producer.

We provide tools to help you make new music at the press of a button.

Every song made by Synthony is unique, and the maker of the song free to use it however they please.

Here you can use our Layout Editor to make new songs now!

Loading the Layout Editor for you :)

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What can I do with my Synthony Songs?

When you design and make your songs, you are free to do with them anything you please!

While the possibilities are truly endless, here are some ideas to get you started:

  • Movie Maker
    Make a song and add it to one of your home videos
  • Influencer
    Make a song and put it in your stories, chats, or posts
  • Music Producer
    Make a sound with only 1 voice, and use it in your DAW as a stem
  • Movie Maker
    Make a sound and use it for a short video
  • Music Producer
    Make a lot of sounds with only 1 voice to build your own Sample Packs

Am I really writing music?

This is a good question, so let's make something very clear:

At Synthony, we distinguish between "Writing" music and "Making" music.

"Writing" is the traditional way most people create music. It takes a lot of skill and practice, and the result is a highly individual expression from the composer. This is how almost all of the music you hear is made, and the results are obviously amazing.

But wait, the future is coming! The future is coming!

I'm too busy doing future things.

That's how we feel anyway, and is why we created a song "Making" service. This lets you use design to declare what your songs should sound like. It is actually very similar to using a recipe to make food.

When you have a recipe to bake chocolate chip cookies, the recipe first has ingredients on what goes inside, and then you have instructions on how to bake the cookies. When the cookies come out the oven, every cookie is unique (and delicious). Some of them might be a little chewier, and others might be a little thicker or sweeter or crunchier or... now I want cookies.

The same idea of "recipes" goes into making songs with Synthony.

When you make short song with the Mini Song Maker, the ingredients are the voices that go inside and the speed. We take care of the steps to write the song, and pop them out of the oven into your song bank. And like the baker's cookies, each song is going to be unique in its own way.

One point of interest is just how different the results can be, by changing just one ingredient! For example, if you replace the chocolate chips with cinnamon sugar, you make some snickerdoodles instead. 

The same concept works with Synthony too. If you change the voices for your song, or change the tempo, the result is going to be much more different compared to the other recipe. What are your favorite recipes for making songs?

How much does it cost?

Right now, everything we offer is absolutely free.

We just want your feedback.

It is polite to tell your friends and fans about us too, because we want to grow big and strong just like you.

Here are some ways to spread the good word:

  • Share the link directly: https://synthony.app
  • Tag us @SynthonySound on Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, SoundCloud, and Twitter

Things will change in April. At that point in time, we have plans to offer upgrades and subscriptions for making songs. At this point in time though the only thing we care about is finding the best ways to make recipes for your music. Important! This has been a project long in the making by me, Cortland :) I haven't been working for anyone else and have been supporting myself on savings to make this for you. I really want to help you write music. But also, I'm running out of money to buy things like food. Is Synthony helpful or fun for you to use? If so, please consider helping me back on Patreon! Any amount would really, really help a lot. Thank you! Do you want to help us improve our ingredients and recipes? Tell us what we can do for you!

"This is so cool."

This is our most common feedback, and we couldn't agree more!

We really want to see what you do with your Synthony songs. Can you tell us about it?

Can you show me the license agreement?

You can read our full Terms of Service here.

In short, it says that the logged in member who created the song is the owner of the Master recording and rights to Composition. Basically it's all yours. We just make it and store it in our cloud for you.