Terms of Service

Last updated May 12, 2022.

This page declares the formal agreement set forth on every song you make with Synthony.

In short, Synthony is here for you. We will not pursue you for using your Songs in your Content.

Key Terms of Agreement


"Algorithm" is the proprietary set of specific of instructions used by Synthony LLC to Make new Songs. Algorithm is implemented using an original set of operations implemented with code. All resources used to create the Algorithm are either the original work of Cortland Mahoney, or are resources protected by the GNU General Public License. Algorithm is a secret of Synthony LLC and is not disclosed to the public.


"Combo" is a specific coupling of a Section and an Ensemble. Users may edit Combos freely at will to produce Songs. Users may have identical instances of Combo unbeknownst to one another.


"Content" is the placement of a Synthony LLC Song in any media (music, TV, film, radio, or any other form of communication or media representation). Synthony LLC holds no responsibility of how the Content is portrayed or used.


"Design" is the specific set of instructions used to Make a Song. Designs require at a minimum Voice and Speed. Designs may include other Elements. All parts of the design affect the Song Made by the Algorithm. One Design may produce many unique Songs. Users may have identical instances of a Design unbeknownst to one another.


"Element" describes any components used by a User to edit Templates and Make Songs. Elements are freely editable by the user. Users may have identical instances of Elements unbeknownst to one another.


"Ensemble" is a specific group of Voices. Users may have identical instances of an Ensemble unbeknownst to one another.


"Make" is the act of creating a new Song using the Algorithm. It is the act of using Synthony LLC to create a Design, apply it to the Algorithm, and create a new piece of music (Song) as a result. Users Make Songs using Synthony LLC.


"Owner" is the User who holds full copyright for a Song. Synthony LLC explicitly releases copyright and any other ownership attributes to the User who holds the song in their Song Bank. Synthony LLC provides storage of Songs as a service to all Users, regardless of paid membership status. The Owner of a Song is said to Own the Song.


"Section" is a specific collection of Textures used to describe a duration of music. These Textures include but are not limited to speed, key signature, size, and label. Users may have identical instances of Section unbeknownst to one another.


"Song" represents a piece of music created by the Algorithm. Songs are Owned by one entity at any given point in time. When the Song exists in a User's Song Bank, that user is considered to be the Owner of the Song. In rare circumstances, Users may have identical instances of Song unbeknownst to one another. In such cases where each of the two Users Owns two identical Songs, each of these Users are able to place said Song in their respective Content given that the copy of the Song was downloaded from the User's  Song Bank.

Song Bank

"Song Bank" is the collection of Songs Owned by a User. The Song Bank may show a label such as "My Songs" or some other text to indicate that it is a collection of Songs for the Owner. A Song may appear in only one Song Bank at any point in time. Songs may be added to or removed from the Song Bank.

If removed from one User's Song Bank into another User's Song Bank, the Ownership of the Song transfers with it. In extremely rare circumstances, Users may have identical instances of Song Bank unbeknownst to one another.


"Synthesizer" represents the details used to describe an aspect of physical sound, used by the Algorithm. Synthesizer is not an Element which may be edited using the website provided by Synthony LLC. It is not a physical device, but rather an abstract description of how the sound should exist. The description is then passed to the Algorithm to execute and create a new sound.


"Texture" is a type of input used for the Algorithm to change the Songs Made. Examples of texture include but are not limited to: density, complexity. Users may have identical instances of Texture unbeknownst to one another.


"User" is a member of Synthony LLC. Users may be free members or paid members. Membership of Synthony LLC is voluntary, and Users may elect to detach from membership at any point in time. Synthony LLC may elect to detach a User from membership at any point in time. If the User has an active paid membership at the point of being detached, a prorated refund will be applied.

Songs Made by the User remain under Ownership of the user after detachment.

"Anonymous User" is the instance of a User who uses Synthony while not logged in a a member. Songs Made by an Anonymous User are Owned by Synthony. In some cases, Synthony may relate the Maker of a Song of an Anonymous User to a member User, and proceed to move the Songs from the Anonymous User Song Bank to the known member Song Bank.


Voice is a specific configuration of Textures for a particular Synthesizer. Users may have identical instances of Voice unbeknownst to one another.


"Website" describes the user interface which may be accessed by https://synthony.app and any subpaths of that domain. It is distinct from the Algorithm, as the Website does not Make Songs. The Website sends HTTP requests to the Algorithm, and may return data about the location of the new Song for the User.

Details of Agreement

Users may have identical copies of a Design. For a user to gain Ownership of a Song, the User must be logged in at the time of Making the Song.

When any Song appears in a User's Song Bank, that user is the Owner of the Song.